About Us

The family who started the small business


Paul, Paula, Nicholas And Ethan Anderson from North Chili NY.  Paula started her store in 2016 with the hopes and dreams to be able to care for all the animals in her community.

Nicholas Anderson


Currently attends Chruchville Chili High School, loves hockey, golf , his pets and wants to become and architectural  engineer.

Ethan Anderson


Currently attends Churchville Chili Middle School. Loves hockey, golf and wants to become a Veterinarian. He has a strong passion for helping and loving animals.

Our Pets



Miss Kitty is our little lover. She is kind and gentle and loves everyone.



And this is Boots, many of you know her as the 5 lb guard dog at the store. She packs a loud bark but no bite. We like to refer her as "big mouth boots". She came to us at 6 weeks as a rescue and has a place in all of our hearts. Protects mommy and her family with her life.



Pumpkin is our little dare devil which we often refer to her as punk. She is loving and playful. She tends to have no fear and quite the owner of the castle type attitude. She loves to play little pranks on Boots. Here in this photo she looks like batman and is just waiting for boots to fall asleep to jump on her........



Bubba is a new pet in our home, he came to us in late August and has adapted well to our new family. He's a big boy and loves to play.


taking naps together


Pumpkin thinking she is Boots's mommy


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