Customer Testimonials



"Awesome customer Service and grooming abilities. I highly recommend them."



"I took my poodle to Healthy Choice Pet Supplies to be groomed and loved it! They are very nice and accommodating. He looks amazing. I will be taking my teacup poodle there soon, I highly recommend them."



"I also took my lab to Healthy Choice Pet in the Chili Paul Plaza last week.....they were awesome. I plan on using them a lot."



"I just took my senior Jack Russell for grooming at Healthy Choice Pet. I called and they got me in immediately. They were very friendly and took care of my dogs grooming needs in a very efficient manner. Normally I have to leave my dog 2-3 hours at my previous place. They had him done quickly and well. They did a great job for a great price and I will Definitely be back."



"I also just used this place for my 45lb pit bull mix. THey were just great with him. It was his first time a the groomers and they were very caring."



"I used Healthy Choice for the first time based on recs and she looks great. She seemed much less traumatized by the appointment then she normally is with others. She normally needs a few days of recovery after an appointment. Will definitely be back."